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The life expectancy for Indonesia in 2021 was 71.96 years, a 0.25% increase from 2020. Download Historical Data Save as Image From: To: Zoom: Current Historical U.N. Projections 30.00 40.00 50.00 60.00 70.00 80.00 Life Expectancy from Birth (Years) 72.50 1950 2000 2050 2100 Current Historical U.N. Projections 0.00 0.50 1.00 1.50 Annual % Change

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Indonesia Below are all indicators in our database for which this country has a value. Above-ground forest biomass (2020) Absolute annual change in primary energy consumption (2022) Absolute number of deaths from ambient particulate air pollution (2015) Acute care beds per 1,000 people (2017) Acute hepatitis death rate (2019)

Indonesia 5 infographics on population, wealth, economy ASEAN UP

Life expectancy for males across Indonesia increased from 62·5 years (95% uncertainty interval 61·3-63·7) to 69·4 years (67·2-71·6) between 1990 and 2019, a positive change of 6·9 years. For females during the same period, life expectancy increased from 65·7 years (64·5-66·8) to 73·5 years (71·6-75·6), an increase of 7·8 years.

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- 2021 Life expectancy at birth, total (years) - Indonesia from The World Bank: Data

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Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. WHO Region: South-East Asia Region. Country Office Website Travel Advice. This map is an approximation of actual country borders. Statistics. Below are key statistics from WHO's Global Health Observatory. Visit GHO for more country information. The current COVID-19 situation.

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The self-reported prevalence of loneliness (occasionally or all of the time or 3-7 days per week) was 10.6% (11.0% for females and 10.1% for males), and 8.0% reported sometimes (1-2 days/week) to be lonely. Loneliness was distributed in a slight U-shaped form, with adolescents and the oldest old having the highest prevalence of loneliness.

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Indonesia: Total population from 2018 to 2028 (in million inhabitants) Population growth in Indonesia 2022 Population growth in Indonesia 2022 Indonesia: Population growth from 2012 to 2022.

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The demography of the population would shift from high birth rate to low birth rate and high death rate to low death rate. Data from BPS-Statistics Indonesia show that the life expectancy in Indonesia is increasing, from 72.51 in 2015 up to 75.47 in 2045 .

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Do you live in Indonesia? Add data for Indonesia. Index. Quality of Life Index: 93.96. Quality 0 240 93.96. Purchasing Power Index. 24.78. Very Low.

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The estimates confirm the trend for longevity: lifespans are getting longer. Globally, life expectancy has increased by more than 6 years between 2000 and 2019 - from 66.8 years in 2000 to 73.4 years in 2019. While healthy life expectancy (HALE) has also increased by 8% from 58.3 in 2000 to 63.7, in 2019, this was due to declining mortality.

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Life Stats Find out what has happened in your lifetime. How many times have you blinked? How much has the stock market gone up?

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World Health Statistics 2021 ». By category > Mortality and global health estimates > Life tables. Life tables by country Indonesia Also available (194 items): Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Andorra; Angola; Antigua and Barbuda; Argentina; Armenia; Australia; Austria;

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Statistics about Life in Indonesia Statistics Leading reasons women were body shamed Indonesia 2019 by age group; Resident population who feared contracting COVID-19 Indonesia 2020-2022.

Indonesia 5 infographics on population, wealth, economy ASEAN UP

To help address significant health gaps in Indonesia, stemming from factors such as economic and geographic inequalities, Indonesia needs comprehensive health data. Since 2007, the MoH has begun to gather these data through the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas). In 2019, the MoH started the Indonesia Nutrition Status Survey (SSGI) to measure the nutrition status of children under five and its.

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Indonesia's life expectancy in 2010 reached 69.81 years, and in 2018 it reached 71.20 years, an increase of 1.39 years or growing by 0.25% per year.

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Indonesia. Print this page Select language. Language Selector. Loading. Subscribe to our newsletter Email Address. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Hans Rosling Center for Population Health. 3980 15th Ave NE, Seattle WA 98195 UW Campus Box #351615. Phone: +1.

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