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Barndominium Floor Plans Browse Our Exclusive Barndo Floor Plans Ready-To-Build & Custom Plans SEARCH ALL BARNDOS Ready-To-Go Barndominium Plans Check out our STEEL BARNDOMINIUM KITS Dive into the thrill of crafting your dream space while we navigate the challenges for you.

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Your barndominium floor plan can be customized to your requirements. We supply the steel building engineering and materials and do not supply or quote the interior build out. Example Studio Floor Plan 1000 Sq Ft Studio Space, 1 Bath Sunward Does Not Quote or Provide Interior Build Outs

Simple 2 Bedroom Barndominium Floor Plans

The Best Barndominium Floor Plans 3200 Sq Ft 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Shouse - LP-1006 PL-1006 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Spacious Living / Dining / kitchen area Porch Large garage/ shop This 4 bedroom shouse is packed with features that we absolutely love.

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Barndominium Plans Barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular in the United States as a unique type of home that combines the rustic charm of a barn with the modern amenities of a house. Barndominium floor plans are a crucial element in the construction of these homes, as they determine the layout and functionality of the living space.

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Rustic Two-Story 2-Bedroom Barndominium with Open Concept Living (Floor Plan) Specifications: Sq. Ft.: 1,261. Bedrooms: 2. Bathrooms: 2. Stories: 2. Garage: 2. This 2-bedroom rustic barndominium offers an efficient floor plan with flexible spaces perfect for a guest house or an apartment.

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The Simple Dreams , one of our popular barndominium floor plans was designed to be affordable and easy to build. At 1232 sq foot barn home, 44x28, with 2 bedrooms and two baths. A shop or garage can be added to the rear. This plan is 44x28.

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The barndominium can be built anywhere in the USA; some small structural changes will be made for high snow areas. This home plan can be modified to meet your needs. We can erect this barndominium for you anywhere in the lower 48. The Home Plan Price: $650 The Steel Kit Price: $19,963. 1 STORIES 2 BED 2 BATH 0 ยฝ BATH 1200 SQ FT 30 WIDTH 40 DEPTH

Modern Barndominium Floor Plans 2 Story with Loft [30x40, 40x50, 40x60]

Floor Plans Greybeard Breezeway House Plan Toni ยท Metal House Plans Etsy Barndominium House Plans Toni ยท Floor Plans The Perfect 1500 Square Foot Barndo House Plan Toni ยท Architectural Designs Barndo With Wrap Around Porch Plan 135072GRA Toni ยท Architectural Designs Silo Modern Farmhouse Plan by David Wiggins Toni ยท David Wiggins

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Welcome to our collection of barndominium house plans of all shapes, sizes and design styles. There are open concept, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom barndominium floor plans below. Some have the classic gambrel roof while others gabled. Some include a loft while others offer a compact living space with massive garage or shop.

Modern Barndominium Floor Plans 2 Story with Loft [30x40, 40x50, 40x60]

We design Barndominum floor plans, modify our plans and create custom house plans (for interior build out and for pricing quotes from builders). 3,000 Square foot Custom Barndominium Plans Price including 2D and 3D Elevations: $2,945. Stock Barndominium Plans from $595. Want modify one of the stock plans? Contact Us for a quote.

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1 What is a Barndominium? 2 Can You Design Your Own Barndominium? 3 Top 5 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans with Cost 4 5 Interior and Exterior Barndominium Pictures 5 Simple Barndominium Kits 6 Average Barndominium Cost per square foot 7 Pros and Cons of a Barndominium 8 Barndominium Cost Vs House Cost Comparison 9 Are Barndominiums Worth It?

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The Simple Life 1,000 Square Foot Barndominium Floor Plan. This super simple-to-build and super affordable (1,000 sq ft) barndominium floor plan maximizes floor space by eliminating hallways. This home plan is designed to fit on a small foundation so it works great as a guest home or airbnb rental on an existing home site.

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2000 sq. ft space or less Good use of the small space Cost-effective Easy to heat/cool due to proper insulation installations We are going to be covering a number of these plans to help you understand the advantages of having a small barndominium for yourself. Let's go. Small Barndominium Kits

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2741 SQ.FT. 70 WIDTH. 50-4 DEPTH. This 1000-square-foot barndominium floor plan is called the Simple Life. It is both simple & affordable and incredibly well-designed to maximize your square footage. 2 Bedrooms and 1.5 Bathrooms and part of our small barndo home plans package. Simple Life Barndominium Floor Plan VIEW DETAILS.

Amazing 30x40 Barndominium Floor Plans What to Consider

In general, barndominium floor plans range from $800 - $2,900 for a single pdf file and a license to use for one building project. The price can vary depending on several factors including the number of copies or sets of plans, the format of the plan (PDF vs CAD software files), and the license agreement (single use vs unlimited usage).

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The Shire Barndominium Floor Plan has 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms with a carport and front porch. This is the perfect small barndominium plan that combines an open floor plan with a sustainable footprint. Shire Barndominium Floor Plan $ 650.00 1 STORIES 2 BED 2 BATH 1120 SQ.FT 40 WIDTH 28 DEPTH

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